As a business owner or employee, it’s essential to protect your livelihood and business assets. That are you working in office or a warehouse, securing the valuables on your premises should be a top priority. Our experienced locksmiths can help to protect your business in a variety of ways, including:
  • Rekeying commercial grade locks: whether you had to fire an employee and are concerned that they may come back to the office and steal company property, or you simply want to upgrade security profile of your business, changing the keys that open your locks is never a bad idea.
  • Installing master key systems: If you’d like to protect certain areas of your business from your employees, we can engineer a system that prevents regular employees from accessing private areas, including corporate offices, lockboxes, and cabinets. That way, some locks open every key in the office, while others only open the front door, bathroom door, etc. This allows employers to carry a single key rather than a key ring with dozens of keys, which can be particularly useful for landlords, janitors, and other people who need to gain access to dozens of doors across multiple properties.
  • Panic bar installation: Also known as a crash bar or a push bar, is a device that allows for easy unlocking of a door during emergency situations. These are extremely secure and can be installed on existing wood, metal, or aluminum frame doors, or installed with a new door entirely. Panic bars are built to withstand heavy use and foot traffic without breaking down.
  • Bump proof and high security locks: We install ANSI grade 1, 2, & 3 locks, which are the toughest that money can buy. ANSI grade 3 is used in residential security applications, and provide minimum acceptable quality for residential door locks. ANSI grade 2 is considered quite safe for residential applications, widely regarded as “excellent” for home security. ANSI grade 2 is also used in some commercial security applications, but usually for businesses with less foot traffic and a lighter demand for security. ANSI Grade 1 locks are the best locks money can buy. They are widely used in commercial applications with heavy use and foot traffic, and offer the best protection against burglars and intruders.  More info about ANSI certifications here.
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