Despite all the advancements that car makers have made in the last 15 years, locking your keys in your car is one incident that still happens every day! We know how frustrating and inconvenient it can be to be locked out of your car, especially when you’re late to work, pick up your kids, or anything else that happens in your daily life. Whether you’ve locked your keys in your car, your trunk, or your key broke off in the ignition, we’re here to help! We’ll get you safely back inside your car without causing any damage, so that you could be on your way quickly. We’re proud to offer the following auto locksmith services in the Concord, CA area:
  • Car lockouts: did you lock your car keys inside the car? Inside the trunk? Is your child or pet locked inside the car? Maybe you locked the car and then misplaced your keys? In any event, our skilled team will be able to quickly and safely gain access to your vehicle or truck and get you back inside. We know that this experience is generally unpleasant, so we work extra hard to make the experience positive.
  • Making copies of car keys: if you need to make a copy of your car key, either for your ignition, door, or both, we’ve got you covered! We make copies of laser and transponder keys, so that the copies will work as well as the originals. Just let us know over the phone what kind of car you have so that we can confirm that we can make keys for it. Then we’ll be on the way to your location and get to work.
  • Keys broken in ignition (key extraction): aside from getting locked out of a vehicle, one of the most common requests that we get in Concord are two remove keys that have broken off inside the ignition of the vehicle. This can happen as a result of the key being extremely dirty, made of poor quality metal, or simply sticking inside the ignition after years of use. However the person got into this situation, the only important thing is getting them out of it! We have a particular set of tools at our disposal that we use to remove car keys from ignitions without further damaging the ignition. Once the key has been removed, we can make a copy of it so that you can be on your way.
We know how important your car is to you, and we promise to treat it with the respect and care that it deserves!
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